Access Innovations President Interview in Search Wizards Series

Louisville, KY (July 19, 2011) – Access Innovations president Marjorie Hlava is a recent interviewee in Stephen Arnold’s Search Wizards Speak series. (Mr. Arnold is president of Arnold Information Technology, an organization specializing in electronic publishing, marketing via electronic media, online system engineering, and database design. See

The interview gives revealing insights into how Ms. Hlava drew on her varied experiences to develop a prominent knowledge management software and services organization. Read it at

Steve discusses the interview here, and he also had these kind words for Access Innovations:

“For more than 25 years, Access Innovations has been providing ANSI-standard taxonomy and controlled vocabulary products and services. The firm’s taxonomy management system is widely used across professional publishing, commercial database publishing, and in dozens of the world’s leading research institutions. The company develops workflow systems tailored to the specific production requirements of its clients, provides consulting and production services to organizations worldwide, and maintains the line of Access Innovation software systems.

“In the last few years, taxonomy has been turned into a buzzword. There are ‘experts’ who have never built an ANSI standard compliant term list lecturing those interested in taxonomies. In my experience, the consumerization of the concept of ‘tagging’ has created the findability failures that are prevalent in commercial, governmental, and nonprofit organizations today.

“Avoid this failure from incomplete, skewed, or inaccurate information about controlled vocabulary lists, taxonomies, and ontologies. Access Innovation is one of the preeminent firms in this discipline. My recommendation? Talk with Access Innovations. When I worked in the commercial database business, the excellence of our indexing was, in part, a direct result of the contributions Access Innovations made to my units. Highly recommended.”

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