Access Innovations now Offering Notation Module for Thesaurus Master™

New Tagging Feature Enhances Searching Results, Accuracy


Albuquerque, NM (May 16, 2005) – Access Innovations, Inc., specialists in creating and maintaining databases of digitized research, news and other content for a wide range of government and business clients, today announced the availability of Notation Module for its Thesaurus Master software, the latest component in the company’s line of Data Harmony indexing software used to organize and structure electronically stored information.

The new Notation Module, an add-on option, allows users to tag their own phrases and keywords in a database’s thesaurus, using individualized terms relevant to a specific company, industry, scientific discipline or other criteria. With customized keywords and phrases tagged to standard terms used in a thesaurus, online searching of the information collection (such as a database of scientific research) is enhanced, producing more accurate and relevant results.

“We’re giving new power to information managers to structure their content resources intuitively, according to their needs,” said Marjorie M.K. Hlava, Access Innovations’ chairman and president. “This is a new level of self-organizing content that allows a company’s or organization’s own culture, needs and experiences to be reflected in how its information assets are organized. That will make those assets more useful in the day-to-day activities of research, competitive intelligence and management.”

A thesaurus is a compilation of subject headings or descriptors used in a particular database, catalog or index, with related synonyms and/or antonyms for each term. In searching an electronically stored and accessible database, a thesaurus provides a standardized and controlled vocabulary for information retrieval.

Traditionally, a thesaurus is structured alphabetically. The new Notation Module enables users to re-order that structure according to user-defined weighting and prioritization of key terms. The module enables a thesaurus to reflect a company’s workflow, organizational structure or manufacturing processes. It also includes the ability to track user additions or modifications to keywords or phrases.

Notation Module users may toggle back and forth between an original, traditionally structured thesaurus and its modifications created through the module.

“The ability to annotate a thesaurus opens up new opportunities for how information is managed while still maintaining standards and discipline of content management,” said Hlava. “Our new module is dynamically responsive. As priorities and needs change within an organization, so can the structure of its information assets.”

For more information about Notation Module, a more detailed description can be found here. More information on Thesaurus Master is also available.

Access Innovations will exhibit Notation Module and other components of its extensive line of software at the upcoming Special Libraries Association Annual Conference in Toronto June 5–8, 2005.

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