Access Innovations Named to KMWorld’s “Top 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management” List

Albuquerque, NM (February 21, 2005) – Access Innovations, Inc., specialists in creating and maintaining databases of digitized research and other content for a wide range of government and business clients, has been named to the prestigious KMWorld’s list of “Top 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management,” published this week by KMWorld, a leading publication serving the knowledge management systems market.

Access Innovations offers a line of software, under the Data Harmony brand (, that is used by information specialists to categorize and filter information added to databases. The software creates taxonomies and thesauri that structure data, enabling user organizations to maximize the value of their electronically stored information assets, such as research, competitive intelligence, and other knowledge resources.

“We’re delighted, but not surprised, to be recognized by KMWorld,” said Marjorie M.K. Hlava, Access Innovations chairman and president. “With many organizations looking to leverage and expand their knowledge resources, either for their competitive advantage or as part of an outreach to clients or constituents, there is a growing recognition that structuring data is key to its usefulness. Our Data Harmony software line empowers organizations to maximize the value of their information assets.”

KMWorld’s annual list is compiled by the publication through interviews with knowledge management practitioners, theorists, industry analysts, vendors, and their customers.


About KMWorld

The leading information provider serving the knowledge, document, and content management systems market, KMWorld informs more than 50,000 subscribers about the components, processes, and subsequent success stories that together offer solutions for improving business performance. KMWorld is a publishing unit of Information Today, Inc.

About Access Innovations, Inc.

Founded in 1978, the privately owned Access Innovations, Inc. offers an extensive line of information management and database construction services for academic institutions, government agencies and industry. The company’s suite of Data Harmony products provides tools and services to publishers, both primary and secondary, and to database producers, online and web-based directory publishers, corporate libraries, web portals and to corporations and associations with large intranets. The Data Harmony suite includes Thesaurus Master™, M.A.I.™, XIS™ – the XML Intranet System, and more than forty Knowledge Domains (taxonomies and rule bases for license). The company’s NewsIndexer™ service, used to track news reports published around the world in electronic media, utilizes a specialized vocabulary of terms reflecting the media’s evolving vernacular.