Access Innovations Meets the Indexing Needs of The Discovery Channel and the Weather Channel


Albuquerque, NM (December 7, 2006) – Thesaurus Master, compliant with ISO 2788 (monolingual), ISO 5964 (multilingual) and NISO Z39.19, simplifies the construction of taxonomies by allowing the user complete access to the terms, their history, and the hierarchical branches that comprise the overall taxonomy. Should a user need to change the content of a term as it evolves over time, there are resources within Thesaurus Master that make this function easy.

The Discovery Channel is working with Hung Vu, of Electronic Scriptorium, in order to construct their taxonomy. A partner to Access Innovations, Inc. in the industry of information management, Electronic Scriptorium is a unique company that uses monastics to archive and preserve data for numerous news and private commerce interests. Currently, Electronic Scriptorium contracts work to more than 60 monks and nuns in 15 different monasteries. Their clients include Time Life, The New York Times, Toyota, Bank of America and Harley Davidson Motorcycles, as well as the Discovery Channel.

The Weather Channel purchased MAIstro Enterprise Addition and contracted Access Innovations’ editorial department for taxonomy development and rule building. The Weather Channel needed an efficient search engine in order to index the content of their newly constructed taxonomy. In addition to an engine that could rapidly parse data, The Weather Channel required the accuracy provided by MAIstro in order to accurately differentiate between the subtle differences in weather patterns.