Access Innovations, Inc. Launches “TaxoDiary” Blog

Focuses on News and Information about Indexing and Taxonomies

Albuquerque, NM (August 4, 2010) –Access Innovations, Inc., a leader in the data management industry, has launched TaxoDiary (, a blog that covers news and information about indexing, ontologies, taxonomies, controlled vocabularies, metatagging and related subjects.

“We decided to launch the blog after much discussion with clients, colleagues and staff.  There are many exciting issues and options which come across my desk everyday, and this is a great way to share them as well as our thoughts about their impact with a broader group of people.  We can add some ‘color and shading’ to the disciplines involved in making web content findable,” explained Marjorie M.K. Hlava, president and chair of Access Innovations, Inc.

Hlava continued, “We enjoyed working with Access Innovations throughout the process and appreciate the time they dedicated to understanding our organization, the needs of our community, and the very technical nature of our classification system. We also appreciate the time they put in teaching us to build and maintain a standards-compliant thesaurus.”

“TaxoDiary will feature information from articles, other blogs, presentations, standards developments, and academic papers that we find interesting.” Hlava added. “It will also communicate our view that there is a careful, thoroughly-considered balance of software and human indexing that is the best way to index text, rich media and binary objects.  That balance makes content findable to help organizations realize improved productivity, enhance web visitor and/or member satisfaction and make the most of all of their content and web-based resources.”

TaxoDiary has several standard sections, including news, features and recent posts.  Anyone interested in updates can subscribe to the blog through, and comments are welcome.

“We want everyone’s feedback.  We hope that readers and bloggers find TaxoDiary useful and perhaps controversial, but always agree that it focuses on the principal value of professional indexing,” Hlava concluded.