Access Innovations, Inc. Delivers Indexing System for PLI

Access Innovations, Inc., provider of Data Harmony software solutions, is proud to announce the release of a new document indexing and repository system for the Practising Law Institute (PLI).

PLI contracted Access Innovations, Inc. to create an Indexing Platform and Taxonomy Term Management system as an integrated solution. In addition, PLI sought to enhance its workflows and develop a system with machine aided indexing capabilities for PLI’s Program Attorneys and Attorney Legal Editors to easily index product-related content.

Access Innovations, Inc. provided PLI with a platform that included an integrated, all-in-one taxonomy, tagging, and metadata repository, the ability to have separate rule sets based on the content type, and a metadata repository for all PLI taxonomy metadata that allows for mass updates and changes in a 100% hosted solution that is accessible by a browser.

“PLI’s taxonomy and taxonomy application is part of our strategy to deliver a superior customer experience and make our content easy to find and utilize in workflows,” said Alexa Robertson, Director of Library Relations & Electronic Publishing at PLI. “Having this new system in place puts us in a position to achieve that, while also improving our ability to manage our taxonomies.”

“We were happy to perform this service for PLI,” comments Win Hansen, Director of Production Services at Access Innovations. “We believe that this system will be of great benefit to PLI, both in terms of housing all their documents in a single defined space and using their various rule sets to leverage their content.”