Access Innovations Completes ICD-10 Readiness Tool Project

Access Innovations, Inc. is pleased to announce the delivery of a comprehensive ICD-10 readiness tool for their Access Integrity division.

Access Integrity was formed in 2011 to leverage Access Innovations’ award-winning, patented Data Harmony® software in the health care industry. Using their long-established semantic enrichment toolset, the technology automatically reads patient encounter notes to deliver highly relevant code suggestions to health care providers, administrators, billers, and coders.

This application, known as IntegraCoder, is a web-based solution that connects the semantic analysis technology of Data Harmony with the exhaustive coding and revenue cycle/denial management resources of coding experts Find-A-Code. IntegraCoder analyzes content in electronic medical records (EMRs) and provides highly relevant diagnosis and procedure suggestions. Its indexing system recognizes key concepts within an EMR and delivers suggested codes for users to select from, which increases accuracy in clinical documentation.

ICD-9, the accepted diagnostic coding standard in the United States since 1978, utilized approximately 14,000 codes, while the updated ICD-10 standard expands this number to more than 68,000. This has sent ripples throughout the health care industry, but Access Integrity stands ready to handle the logistical challenge

“We had previously established ourselves with the success of our ICD-9, CPT, and HCPCS coding tools,” commented Access Integrity CEO John Kuranz, “but with the October 1st changeover to ICD-10, we have addressed a huge change in the industry and a very real fear. We have worked very hard to get this ready for launch and are excited to show how much it will enhance clinical documentation and aid in the billing and coding process.”

“It was a great challenge to tackle this enormous codeset,” states Access Innovations Head of Production, Win Hansen. “This is a very complex project and our team enjoyed the challenge, and we’re proud of what we accomplished. It stretched our imaginations, but we stayed flexible and it shows in the results. Solving these kinds of problems makes Data Harmony continue to improve and evolve in the marketplace and what makes it fun to work at Access Innovations.”

IntegraCoder is available as an integration in a number of top EMR companies, as well as its use as a coding aide with Find-A-Code, known as Code-A-Note. For more information, visit their website at

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