Access Innovations Calls for Beta Testers for Ontology Master

Access Innovations is proud to announce that it has reached the testing phase on its latest product, Ontology Master (OM). This adds to their current lineup of Data Harmony software offerings, including Thesaurus Master, MAIstro, and the Data Harmony Suite.

Ontologies are a growing trend in the information science industry. They are intended to provide a language that can be used to describe classes and the relationships between them. They formalize a knowledge domain by defining classes and the properties of those classes, while providing semantic meaning within entities. Ontologies, which use Resource Description Framework (RDF) triples, use Web Ontology Language (OWL), a format developed by the W3C in 2006 to formalize a language that would allow for linked data and relational database sharing across the web.

“Ontology Master extends the already powerful Data Harmony software tools by allowing users to create relationships between terms in a vocabulary,” comments Win Hansen, head of project development for Access Innovations. “This will give our users much more detail and richness when working with their content.”

Ontology Master is still currently in development, but Access Innovations is at a stage in the project where testing is required. They are currently calling out for beta testers to use and comment on the software to help them refine it before release.

Jay Ven Eman, CEO of Access Innovations, remarks, “Ontologies are increasingly becoming the norm in Information science, because software agents can now make more reliable inferences helping get users to the web resources they need. Our team has worked long and hard to bring Ontology Master to our clients and we’re very excited to have people beta test the software.”

If you are interested in becoming a beta tester for Ontology Master, contact Access Innovations at

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