Access Innovations, Inc. Will Bundle Data Harmony’s XML Suite with RedDot’s Content Management System


Albuquerque, NM (December 10, 2001) – Access Innovations, Inc. announced this week it has partnered with RedDot Solutions Corporation, based in New York, to bundle its broad scope of database and web services with RedDot’s content management platform. Access Innovations, founded and headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, will bundle its Data Harmony software suite with RedDot’s web templating interface to provide a uniquely practical tool for enterprise-wide content management.

“We were looking for a powerful content management component to enhance our own offerings to existing and potential clients,” said Marjorie Hlava, president and chairman of Access Innovations. “RedDot’s a strong company with a solid product that rounds out our own product offering.”

Detlef Kamps, president of RedDot Solutions, said the partnership “adds a significant benefit to any customer looking for solutions to enhance online presence. Access Innovations is widely recognized for offering a comprehensive range of information management services. We’re pleased that they have selected our solution to complement theirs,” Kamps said.

“Joining our strengths,” Hlava added, “will have a synergistic effect, providing the marketplace with a powerful and versatile solution, greater than the sum of its individual parts. And of course, we expect to realize increased revenue as a result of this partnership.”

Hlava noted that as Access customers grow their sites, they need a process to effectively manage extraordinary amounts of content in varied forms, from any number of contributors. “Most people entering content are not webmasters; they don’t know HTML. Today’s businesses need to allow their employees to add, edit, and approve content quickly, sometimes on the fly,” Hlava explained. “RedDot’s solution is very easy to use; yet it’s scalable, offers enhanced workflow capabilities; it’s browser-based, and operates independent of a company’s server.”

Together, Access and RedDot currently support the National Basketball Association website. Access has had hundreds of customers for its database services, including Kimberly-Clark, Hoffman-LaRoche, and Consumer’s Union. Clients of its Data Harmony suite, introduced in 1998, include the Government Accounting Office, Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, and the American Water Works Association.

Access specializes in outsourced database development and maintenance, data capture, conversion, and migration services, abstracting and indexing, document analysis, Internet and intranet services, and text and data element tagging. Access Innovations was founded in Albuquerque in 1978, has maintained regional offices in the US and Europe, and is a well-known innovator in the information industry. Its web address is

RedDot, formerly known as InfoOffice, Inc., was founded in Germany in 1993. Besides its US headquarters in New York, the company maintains offices in Santa Clara, Chicago, Dallas, and Toronto. RedDot’s web address is

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