Access Innovations Speaking at the 2018 iA Summit

Access Innovations will be bringing a little fun and a lot of technical expertise to the 2018 iA Summit, which is scheduled for March 21-25, 2018 in Chicago, IL.  Bob Kasenchak, our Director of Business Development, will be giving a presentation entitled “Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich? and Other Taxonomy Questions“.  Bob will bring a lighthearted point of view to the serious business of taxonomy development.  You might have a clear answer on whether a hot dog is a sandwich or not, but ask that question around the office.  It’s fun to see how the lines divide between “Team Sandwich” and “Team Other Foodstuffs”.

Does it even matter if a hot dog is a sandwich?  It depends on how important the concept of “hot dog” is to your body of content.

“Using the #IsAHotDogASandwich meme as a point of departure, we will explore how taxonomic decisions are context-driven — and also how the act of designing a taxonomy can lead to unexpected project/content/design insights.”

Food for thought.