Smart Submit

Smart Submit is a Web service for maximizing the benefits of automatic indexing early in the publishing or content processing workflow, by integrating author-generated metadata such as subject keywords during the submission of a document for publication.

What the software does 

Smart Submit facilitates the addition of taxonomy terms by the document’s author. With Smart Submit, each author provides subject keywords from the publisher’s taxonomy to accompany the item for submission. This extension supports early categorization, selection of peer reviewers and trend analysis. It presents a handy way to elicit metadata information from publishing contributors.

Smart Submit interface (click here for bigger view)

Powered by sophisticated software and selections made by the author 

Data Harmony indexes the document, returning a list of suggested thesaurus terms, and the author selects appropriate keywords. The Smart Submit extension creates a ‘semantic fingerprint’ for the author’s submission, collecting additional information along with subject metadata. Tagged content from is added to the digital record to complete production, and included with the document.

Software features are comprehensive 

Smart Submit supports a range of metadata features:

  • Fields may support standard document formatting tools
  • Images, tables and equations may be included
  • You set the indexing parameters separately for each field
  • Any field can be set to require an entry, and any field can be set to require data-type validation
  • Selected text body fields are indexed by M.A.I., based on your controlled vocabulary
  • Documents are automatically tagged in XML for structural metadata collection
  • Tracking of indexing statistics for rule base refinement and increased indexing precision
  • UTF-8 character encoding

Flexible implementation options within your existing pipeline

The Smart Submit extension module can be implemented in several ways, including as an aid for authors to self-select appropriate metadata assigned to their name and research – at the point of submission into the publishing pipeline, as described above.

Alternately, Smart Submit is implemented as an editorial interface between a semantically-enriched thesaurus and potential submissions to the literature corpus, for subject indexing, content review and document assignment for following stages of the publication process.