Our Business

Access Innovations began like many entrepreneurial enterprises—with a great idea, a few energetic people, and a little bit of capital. Incorporated in October 1978, the company’s first headquarters was the kitchen of President Marjorie M.K. Hlava’s Albuquerque home.

Now, 35 years and some 2,000 installations later, the services of Access Innovations continue to expand to include a complete line of information management support services. Access Innovations stays on the bleeding edge of knowledge management by continuously adding new services based on client needs and industry demands.

The recent chapters of Access Innovations’ history are highlighted by the introduction in 1998 of the Data Harmony software line. This suite of software products was created to market software conceived in the course of database projects. Composed of several modules, Data Harmony is designed to simplify the management of databases or text collections, with support for editorial processes. Data Harmony benefits from the XML standard, and uses screen interfaces written in Java as a means to be platform independent.

In 1984, Access Innovations purchased the National Information Center for Educational Media® (NICEM) from the University of Southern California. NICEM is an international database of information about non-print educational materials. It contains bibliographic records of more than 475,000 audiovisual items in all subject areas, for all age levels, and in all media types. The database is available in a variety of forms from several vendors as well as by subscription at the NICEM website.

In the Spring of 1995, NICEM published the International Directory for Educational Audiovisuals (IDEA), a joint production with HEADFast Software Ltd. For IDEA, NICEM also added European materials to the database.

Access Innovations has also launched NewsIndexer, a revolutionary indexing system that was created specifically for the newspaper industry and uses a specialized vocabulary of terms reflecting the daily news. Both Data Harmony and NewsIndexer have provided new opportunities to offer clients the knowledge gained by more than three decades of experience.

The newest chapter of Access Innovations is the launch of Access Integrity. Employing the power and precision of the Data Harmony software suite into the healthcare arena, Access Integrity’s flagship product Medical Claims Compliance analyzes the text in a patient’s EMR to provide important insight into coding, billing, and analytics. Medical Claims Compliance also gives medical practitioners, insurers, auditors, and government agencies the tools and training to uncover medical fraud and prevent costly or even dangerous errors.

We’re also proud to be recognized on numerous industry-specific lists, including:

  • KMWorld’s 100 Companies That Matter Most in Knowledge Management
  • EContent’s 100 Comapnies That Matter Most in the Digital Content Industry
  • KMWorld’s Trend-Setting Products of the Year